Coach Kaela Blog

From observation, I have noticed that we have players that feel like they are ENTITLED to a spot on the floor. I have played a many years of basketball and I have learned that a position is NEVER solidified no matter who you are. Coaches are going to play the players that are going to get in the game and work hard, dive for balls, crash boards, make executive decisions for the team and those that come to practice, work hard, and want to get better.

In my days of playing, not once have a I ever told a coach who they should be playing, what defense we should play WHEN THINGS GOT TOUGH; as players we need to understand our role, when to do certain things and when not to. As a team, we should get to know our TEAMMATES strengths and weaknesses. Games are won collectively not by one individual player.

The moment we start playing together and not worry about “Oh, let me get mine” you guys would be unstoppable. AAU season is the time to develop your game, acquire basketball knowledge, get stronger, faster and better every day. Do you think LeBron became as good as he is because he just showed up to games and practices when he felt like it? No. He put in the work because he realized at a young age that he was hungry for the game. You are born with talent but you are NOT born with work ethic, discipline, ambition; these things are taught. But if you arent willing to learn and listen, how do you expect to get better?

Like coach said, you have to treat AAU just like you would school ball; you have to treat basketball like your academics. If you want good grades what do you do? You study, take notes, listen and apply. You have to be the same way with basketball. As coaches we have been around the game long enough that we know what we are talking about and we wouldnt put you guys through anything thats NOT going to make you better.

Practice is critical but working on your game outside of practice is ESSENTIAL! As coaches we cant emphasize this enough! We will play PAC, we will play MAN2MAN, we will be aggressive, we will continue to build team chemistry, we will continue to WORK. Nothing in life is free and if you do not grasp that concept at a young age anything that you do going forward will be tough. Play/Practice with heart, play with the desire to win, STOP COMPLAINING about what others are doing or not doing if you arent doing it yourself. We shouldn’t be arguing and cussing each other on the court. When other teams and other coaches see Team Assualt they should be able to look at us and say that we play with class and grace, we are disciplined, we respect ourselves, coaches, referees, and other teams.

Going forward, we will NOT hang our heads because things arent going our way. We WILL control the tempo of every game. We WILL play for one another. When you all step on the floor for practice or games, you should be telling yourself “I’m going to give 110% for MY TEAM every play and every possession.
Coach Kaela.