About 94Inc.com

94Inc.com is a partner site of Craftwork Training.  It also serves as a place players and parents of Team Assault can come to hear whats going on with the team and the organization.   The rest of the sites main objective is to provide a place to post drills, interesting articles, tools, and products  for players who want to get better and want some specific drills to work on certain skills.  Here certain videos will be posted with a written article to explain to the player what they are watching and or what they should be watching for in the video.  This site is a direct effort to help our players as well as other players to get better at certain basketball skills.  Craftwork Training, Team Assault and now 94Inc.com is dedicated to player development.  94Inc. com is the tool we coaches here at Craftwork and Team Assault will use to help the players develop.