Pack Line Defense- How It Works & Benefits

The Pack line defense is a great defense in my opinion.  It is not only effective in denying dribble penetration and team rebounding but it also prepares players in AAU how to play individual defense.  The Pack line defense teaches:

  1. How to close out properly
  2. How to rebound
  3. Communication on defense
  4. Have active hands to promote deflections
  5. How to move and stance on defense
  6. How to move (footwork) on defense

If taught properly on how to play the pack line a player coming out of the Pack line defense will be able to play great individual defense as well as play great team on defense at the High school and college level.  I have a video example of what it takes to play the pack line properly.  The video is of the University of Virginia playing the pack line defense.   Their coach is Tony Bennett and he runs this defense.  The first video is about how the defense works and the second video is a break down of how the defense is supposed to work and how the players are supposed to play defense in the pack line. 

Here is the second video of the break down.

As a player you should be working on your defensive skills so you can contribute in the pack line.  Those skills are:

  1. Proper defensive stance
  2. Close outs
  3. Proper movement in defensive stance (Push Step not slide)
  4. Active Hands
  5. Head on a swivel
  6. Communication in defense
  7. Anticipate
  8. Be willing to take a charge

These skills once learned by playing the pack line properly will give you a leg up on the competition when competing for a roster spot at all levels of basketball.  The Pack line defense is what I believe in as my philosophy on defense and I have and will always use it as long as Im coaching the game.  If you are a player for me on Team Assault you need to study these videos and get to practice and learn how to play it so you to can be a great defender.

Coach Mac.